Saturday, July 18, 2009

On the Road Again
Two days of rest were just what I needed

Did I not ride Thursday and Friday because all my bike shorts were in the laundry? Don't be silly! I just didn't feel like riding. But I did today.

In the interest of taking advantage of a chance to do something together Hiroko and I took a ride to King Street in Leesburg by way of the W&OD trail. The distance covered was 32 Km. Due to the fact that Hiroko's bike has flat pedals we took our sweet time and spent a lovely 2 hours and 50 minutes enroute. The average speed was 11.2 kpm - certainly not my fasted time, but at least I got to ride with my sweetie.

And regardless of how slowly I went, I did pass the 300 Km threshold today.

In France the boys rode 199 Km in not much more time than it took us to ride 32 Km.

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