Thursday, November 09, 2006

Some you win, some you lose

The election of 2006 is over. For the most part the outcome pleases me -- the Congress will no longer be a rubber stamp for our president. On the otherhand, what used to be called the Virginia Bill of Rights now excludes some people from certain rights. I am glad that out in Cousin Dale's new home they had the wisdom to reject a similar measure. Way To Go, Arizona!

Impeachment of George W. Bush? Hmmm. A tastey prospect, I must say. But I hope the newly Democratic Congress will get some nutritious work done first -- realigning the tax code with the real world in which most Americans live, raising the minimum wage, making sure that senior citizens rather than drug manufacturers receive the MediCare Prescription Benefit, and of course, get the US troops out of Iraq. Once we take care of our nutritional needs, maybe then we could have impeachment for dessert.