Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Seen This Movie Before

USAToday has a story in its September 3 online edition about McCain's vice-president pick. In one interesting line, it says, "Palin, 44 and the mother of five, has energy, poise, a down-to-earth manner and a compelling personal story: from the PTA to the statehouse."

Something about that brought to mind another vice-presidential pick who used the PTA as a springboard to political prominence and ultimately disgrace: Spiro Agnew who had run as a reformer in a generally corrupt county prior to being selected by Richard Nixon in 1968.

Of course, Ms. Palin was only four years old at that time and probably does not remember that. And since John McCain was out of the country for all of Agnew's time as vice-president he might not remember it either.

Good luck, Sarah. As you return to private life, I hope you don't carry the stigma of having accepted punishment stemming from bribery allegations as did Spiro.

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Julie said...

Well, thanks for visiting my humble little blog!!

See, that's what's so cool about living in America - we don't have to agree on the picks for candidates, and we can take our opinions to the polls.

I LOVE the idea of having someone like me (although I'm a football mom, not a hockey mom) to help reform our nation.

I listened to Governor Palin speak last night on NPR (don't watch TV, too much garbage on) and I found her to be an intelligent person with a good grasp on the state of things in the US, and enough sense to not fall for the media's attempts to slam her at every turn.

In November, America will speak.

Thanks again for visiting my blog!!