Monday, April 16, 2007

Quick and to the Point

A lot of people were killed at Virginia Tech today. They weren't killed with pornography. They weren't killed by the Quran. They weren't killed with condoms. They weren't killed by an open and free exchange of ideas. They were not killed by hearing a dissenting voice. They weren't killed by hiphop music.

They were killed by guns.

When will we learn that freedom and guns do not play well together?

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Dale said...

They are killed by a deranged lunatic. Jack the Ripper used knives, Hitler used gas chambers, Jim Jones used poison, Cho used a gun - Guns are not evil, Cho was.

If the students were allow to carry guns maybe this could have been stopped before 32 people were killed -- remember the Appalachian shooting in 2002? Two students went to their cars, got their guns, and stopped a killer just like this one.

Criminalize guns - and only the criminals will have guns.

Appalachian School Shooting